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Hawaii honey in bear bottle (Mac nut / 8oz)

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Macadamia Nut Honey comes from Hawaii’s many Macadamia Nut tree farms. This special honey and is generally a thick and dark honey. This honey has a bold, rich, and edgy flavor. Its a strong tasting honey with a taste which is often reminiscent of brown sugar or molasses. It is a perfect ingredient for decadent recipes and often used on desserts. This honey also pairs well with yogurt with fruit or granola.

Our honey comes to us directly from Apiaries (honey farms) on Oahu. When the time is just right, honey frames are carefully removed from the hive. They are then spun to extract the rich honey from the comb. The honey passes through a coarse filter and is collected in buckets without using any heating. The flavors are 100% natural and pure, from plants the bees visit.

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