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Happy set (2 x 2oz honey bears & 1 8oz pancake mix)

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This set includes Eggs 'n Things original butter milk Pancake mix(8oz) and two flavors honey(Macadamia Nuts and Rainbow blossom)

Perfect for Wedding favor!

The Blue Cap Bottle (Rainbow blossom honey) is labeled with Aloha (Love)
The Pink Cap Bottle (Macadamia nuts honey) is labeled with Mahalo (Thank You)

Rainbow Blossom Honey (Blue cap) or multi-floral Hawaiian honey, is a rich amber color and comes from the many small island farms. It has both notes that are fruity and flowery in its short sweet rich taste, which comes from the various nectars of Hawaii’s many fruiting species and flowering tropical blossoms. Because of the delightful unique Hawaiian tropical flavor, this honey is perfect multi-purpose honey to send to family overseas.

Macadamia Nut Honey (Pink cap) comes from Hawaii’s many Macadamia Nut tree farms. This special honey and is generally a thick and dark honey. This honey has a bold, rich, and edgy flavor. Its a strong tasting honey with a taste which is often reminiscent of brown sugar or molasses. It is a perfect ingredient for decadent recipes and often used on desserts. This honey also pairs well with yogurt with fruit or granola.

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