Hawaii honey in bear bottle (Christmas Berry / 8oz)

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Christmas Berry Honey comes from the Christmas Berry or Brazilian Pepper tree, which was introduced to the Hawaiian Islands and makes a wonderful light honey. This honey is generally a thinner and has a light golden color. It is not as sweet many other honey on the market but its taste has many complex and subtle overtones. It often has a noticeable light butterscotchy and peppery flavor. This honey is not as thick as other honeys, making it a perfect topping or drizzle that will pair with almost anything.Our honey comes to us directly from Apiaries (honey farms) on Oahu. When the time is just right, honey frames are carefully removed from the hive. They are then spun to extract the rich honey from the comb. The honey passes through a coarse filter and is collected in buckets without using any heating. The flavors are 100% natural and pure, from plants the bees visit.

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